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New to yoga?  Experienced in yoga and looking to come back to the basic fundamentals of the practice?

This class will introduce you to the foundation of the physical practice, as well as help you understand the history and spiritual lineage of yoga.

{Semi-Private Yoga Fundamentals}

Semi-Private Fundamentals Sessions will cover common yoga terminology in English and Sanskrit, the 'typical' structure of a yoga class, traditional postures and alignment, and the use of props to strengthen your yoga practice.  You will leave feeling empowered and prepared to start your physical yoga journey. These sessions are for 1 or 2 people, 3 hours of class, scheduled at the convenience of the instructor and students' availability. No yoga experience needed! Call or email to schedule your sessions.



A restful and slow style of yoga class, often practiced with props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks.  This type of class is intended to encourage relaxation of the mind and body, working to open energy channels and reduce stress and anxiety.  It is a good compliment to high-energy workouts or lifestyles.


Yin yoga is a slow-paced class with poses held for a longer duration, targeting the deep connective tissues. With the muscles relaxed, the fascia, ligaments and joints are the focus for this class format.  Yin is a great compliment to other more active yoga classes.


This gentle yoga class will emphasize low-impact postures at a comfortable pace, focusing on stretching and mobility.  Gentle yoga is accessible to all ages and levels of practitioner.



This style of vinyasa yoga class will move slowly, building heat in the body through breath and posture development with low-impact postures and transitions.  Balance will be challenged in both body and mind, along with building physical and cardiovascular strength.  The mind will work to focus and slow down.


This class will be performed in a variety of formats depending on the students and instructor.  Class will be designed to wake up and move the mind and body, likely in a flow format, with additional time spent in the beginning of class to give students time to open up and find movement.  Expect to feel energized and ready to tackle the day after class!


In this vinyasa style class, students will move at a pace that may elevate the heart-rate, connecting breath to body movement.  The Sanskrit word vinyasa is used to describe a format of yoga that arranges postures in a sequence.  Some yoga experience is recommended; however, there are always modifications available.  With practice, students will find improvement in strength, balance, posture, and lower stress levels.


This energetic vinyasa style yoga class is focused on building strength with muscle-toning moves and endurance with a faster-paced class. Expect to flow through a sequence of postures, connecting breath to movement, with added opportunities to challenge yourself throughout.


Full Circle Flow will start out with a focused integration, build into a faster paced vinyasa flow, and provide time for a longer close and surrender. This 75 minute class allows you more time to come full circle. Expect to feel energized AND rested after this practice.


An active vinyasa yoga class with a focus pose to build on and around each week for a month. This will encourage alignment, engagement and strength around the posture, allowing you to see progress in your practice.


A blend of class formats including barre, yoga and strength inspired movement.  This class will build muscular strength and endurance, with a gentle cool down for the body and mind.


An all levels barre class for a full-body workout using small isolated movements targeting specific muscle groups, infused with components of a yoga class. Barre will build up your balance, posture and overall strength.


Each week this class will feature a different instructor and different format - instructor's choice!  We will announce the teacher and format on Mondays!

Friday, March 17, Sara Smith is teaching an active yoga flow to a hip hop & soul playlist..


(not currently running)

An open studio available to any yoga practitioner, new or experienced, to find time on their mat. 

A yoga teacher available for questions and assistance.

Free of distractions. 

Accessibility to props. 

Grow your personal practice.

Time and space, just as you need it.


  • View our class schedule and book your class at MindBody Online

  • Booking window for virtual classes closes 10 minutes prior to virtual class start time.

  • There is currently no fee for regular class cancellations, but we still recommend you cancel at least an hour prior to class start time.

  • Workshop & Event cancellations are non-refundable within 12 hours of scheduled start time. *Special events with guest instructors will have specific cancellation policies in the details of the event.

  • In-person class packages expire 12 months after purchase. Virtual class packages expire 6 months after purchase.

  • Get $10 off your first in-studio class!

  • The inside doors will be locked approximately 5 minutes after class starts to avoid studio interruptions; however, if you are running late, don't hesitate to still come for class, the instructor will let you in quietly!


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