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Thank you for being here! Our mission at Elevate Yoga LLC is to elevate our community through yoga by strengthening the mind and body of each individual who chooses to be present. 


Our community is just beginning its journey and we hope you stick around to see how we grow, and also grow along with us!


What is yoga?

We are excited to help you answer that question for yourself! Yoga is a lifestyle and practice that has been evolving for thousands of years. Yoga looks and feels different to everyone. 

At Elevate Yoga we have classes for all levels. Physically we will practice asanas, or poses, to strengthen and bring balance to the body, as well as work on breathing to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Mentally and spiritually we will find opportunities to open up where we feel closed off.

What do I need to start?


You just need yourself, your mat and an open mind to practice yoga at Elevate Yoga! We also recommend comfortable clothing and a water bottle. Yoga is practiced barefoot. Blocks, straps, and bolsters are optional props that can be used to enhance your practice.

How do I sign up for class?

Head to the SCHEDULE page and find a yoga class you are interested in, then select the BOOK button. You will need to create an account (or login to your existing account) on MindBody Online, the scheduling site we use. From there you will be able to choose the class package that is suitable for you and add payment information to make the process smooth and seamless for future bookings. If you have any questions on booking please contact us.

Do you offer virtual or in-studio classes at Elevate Yoga?

Both!  There are a limited number of virtual classes to compliment our in person schedule.

We look forward to helping your yoga practice flourish through a variety of class formats and class lengths. We are here to support and elevate you at whatever phase of life you are in. 

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